About Us


We are a family based boutique wedding and event planning company based in Sunny Southern California with a passion for design and elegance.  Our team embraces the romantic, lovely, and magical special events and we strive for excellence and perfection.  We combine both our professional experience with our fine detailing in order to tell the beautiful story of our couples.  Our love for love helps couples actually enjoy the planning process…stress free!  Your day should be all about you and we love helping to make that happen.  We want to design an event that you and your guests will never forget!  


We’re here for you so shoot us an email, text, call…one of our professionals would be happy to chat about your special day.  Our consultations are always free!


Meet the Team


Kate- Lead Planner

Kate’s passion for event planning started at a very young age when she loved helping her mom design and entertain countless amounts of events for friends and family.  Her passion became a reality when she started taking courses in event planning and entrepreneurship during her time at CLU.  At the same time, doing double duty with her business degree, she also studied Finance which allows her to accurately create estimated budgets and help keep her clients on track when it comes to the financial burden of a wedding.

She has a great eye for detail, logistics, and timing which is key to juggle when planning any event. Her goal is to create a very personable experience for her clients so they feel completely taken care of on the best day of their lives.  She possesses an amazing balance of personal and professional which is what makes her an outstanding wedding planner with a love for her couples. 

In her spare time, you can find Kate with her husband Michael (always) doing anything outdoors.  They love hiking, taking their dogs to the beach, and just being together.  You’ll often find them visiting Kate’s family winery in San Diego and of course…getting some wine tasting in during the visit.  Kate loves love and finds the most joy in helping wedding couples enjoy the best moments of their life!  There is no greater reward for a wonderful wedding planner than happily married newlyweds!

Her favorite wedding movie is Bridesmaids!

Elaine-  Lead Planner

Elaine is a kind-hearted romantic with a passion for love.  Her career path has always been in fashion where she helped ladies feel beautiful by creating designs that match that persons’ character, style, and event.  This design ability has transferred into the love of designing events for her wedding couples.  Her extensive work experience and education from LSU in marketing has grown her impeccable customer service and allows her clients to feel a warm welcome to our team and a best friend to help you take of everything!  She always makes sure her clients actually can enjoy being the guest of honor at their own wedding and don’t have to worry about the responsibilities of being the host.

Elaine has a keen eye for everything lovely and beautiful.  She has an immaculate understanding for her wedding couple’s vision due to her intentional listening skills.  She always follows up and triple confirms every detail.  Her combination of interpersonal skills paired with her true passion for the love of design makes her a dazzling wedding planner.

In her spare time, Elaine loves cooking with her husband, Adam.  You can always find them looking up new recipes and trying new gourmet meals.  She also loves her dogs and often takes them with her to help run the family winery.  Like Kate, she also enjoys wine tasting with family and friends in the beautiful vineyard.  Elaine puts her whole heart into her couple’s special day to make sure it’s the dream day they always imagined!  She loves making sure the best day of their lives is a memory they’ll cherish forever!

Her favorite wedding movie is Father of the Bride!

LeAnn- Lead Designer

LeAnn is a one of kind designer with a passion for all things related to events.  Her education has been in the medical field where she learned compassion and understanding for others but her true heart has always been in design and planning.  For many years, LeAnn hosted, planned, designed, and arranged flowers for family and friends and friends of friends out of the kindness of her heart.  She was continually asked by people because she was so good at handling all the details and logistics.  Now as part of the Key Team, she plans and designs elegant upscale weddings and enjoys every minute of helping her clients create something stunningly beautiful.

LeAnn has an uncanny ability to transform any space into something marvelous.  With clients bringing so many different styles, themes, colors, and personal touches, she makes sure every event is customized to her couples.  She loves telling the bride and groom’s love story through the atmosphere of their event.  Like the rest of the Key Team, LeAnn has a dedication to make sure her clients enjoy planning their wedding by taking care of everything and making it a smooth and enjoyable process.

In her spare time, you can find LeAnn traveling the world with her husband, Clay.  Recently, she’s visited Italy, London, Ireland, the Virgin Islands, and more.  They love getting the time to enjoy the magnificent things the globe has to offer.  At home, you’ll find her taking care of the business affairs of the family winery and spending as much time with her grandson as possible.  Her problem solving skills and magazine quality design eye takes her event professionalism to the next level.  If you’re looking for someone to create a wedding design that your guests will remember forever then you’re in great hands!

Her favorite wedding movie is The Wedding Date!


Together we create the amazing Key Team!  We put all of our talents together and use them to perfect all of our events for our wonderful wedding couples.  Our differences and ability to work together as a team is what makes us great at what we do.  Bonus....we absolutely love it!!  Give us a call or shoot us an email if you'd like us to help perfect your special event! We're the KEY to all your event planning needs!

A coordinator can make or break an event but a coordinator who CARES about their client will create the event of a lifetime
— KATE, CEO & Founder